JULY 13-17, 2020

2020 Speaker

Our speaker for Super Summer this year is Rob Wilton.

Rob is the pastor of Vintage Church Pittsburgh. He leads and inspires the Vintage Church leadership through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word to strategize, resource, and execute God’s vision.

From Rob’s own word…
I am a Cajun (New Orleans born), African-American (family from South Africa), Redneck (lived in South Carolina). I gave my life to Jesus at age 7 in New Orleans. My family moved to the Carolinas and I spent my high school and college years there. While there, I loved growing in Christ through the ministry of FBC Spartanburg.

After playing ball in college I married Annabeth, my high school sweetheart. During this time I transitioned from leading a college ministry to working in sports ministry and I moved back to New Orleans. Annabeth and I have welcomed four beautiful kids into our life in this city. Bolt, Mack and Birk (twins), and my favorite little princess, McCall. Before planting Vintage Church, I served in New Orleans, leading Upward Sports Camps and serving with the Seminary pre-Katrina.

After Katrina I launched a young adult ministry, relaunched MissionLab for the Seminary, and then Jesus called us to plant Vintage. On top of leading Vintage, I’ve been blessed to preach around the world and hang out with the New Orleans Saints as a chaplain. I love walking with Jesus and preaching the real truth about Jesus, believing that many people in New Orleans and around the world will follow Jesus.

2020 Band

Marc Lewis will be leading us in Worship this year!

Attending college in Hattiesburg, Marc obtained his bachelors degree in music education with an emphasis in percussion, drumming and a minor in piano performance. Marc previously taught high school at Olive Branch as the librarian and is currently teaching at Horn Lake , running it’s brand new media department. Marc produces a nine minute news program with a small staff of students that airs daily in the school and on the internet at HornLaketv.com.

Marc travels the around the south leading worship for various events with the Marc Lewis Band, he is also a founding member of the Chris Layton Band for which he plays drums. At Desoto Hills Marc is an assistant with the Student Ministries, maintains much of the church’s technology and leads the Wednesday night H2O services as well as our Sunday Evening worship services in the attic. He and his wife Jennifer live in Southaven with their daughters Riley and Keelyn.

Marc is currently working on several different projects in the studio including three documentaries, a new worship album, and a bluegrass/hymns project. For more information email marc at marclewisband@gmail.com.


What is Super Summer?
Super Summer is a discipleship/evangelism leadership conference designed to provide qualitative spiritual growth and help develop student leadership in Mississippi churches. Utilizing a camp setting, for 29 years, Super Summer has challenged students to learn how to penetrate their culture for Christ.

Super Summer is not for everyone in your youth group. It is designed for students who personally have a desire to grow spiritually. Students come to Super Summer knowing that they will be challenged not only to grow, but to actively share their faith with others. Church leaders are responsible for sending only students that meet the requirements set forth for participation.

Super Summer is designed to build on previous years. However, a junior or senior in high school who has never attended will still find that the camp is relevant to him/her. First-year students study basic discipleship issues. Second-year students get introduced to worldview, different beliefs, and character issues. Third-year students focus the entire week on becoming a leader in all areas of life. Fourth-year students concentrate on a biblical worldview. Fifth-year students spend the week reviewing and refining what they have learned over the past four years especially concerning servant-leadership. This includes hands-on missions experience, usually in the inner-city Jackson area.

Who can attend Super Summer?
Each group must have at least one male adult if male students are attending and one female if female students are attending. Adults participate in the Plaid School. Team Leaders (usually, but not limited to college students) come to Super Summer early for training and serve as family group leaders within the schools. Team Leaders have specific requirements they must meet to be eligible to serve. Super Summer teaching staff is comprised of Student Ministers within our state and are recruited by our Super Summer Executive Committee.
What will attendees be studying?
First-year students study basic discipleship issues. The exception is older first-year students (who will not have the opportunity to return to Super Summer) because their need for exposure to big issues is greater. Second-year students get introduced to worldview, different beliefs, and character issues. Third-year students focus the entire week on becoming a leader in all areas of their life. Fourth-yearstudents concentrate on Christian Worldview for the week. Fifth-year students spend the week reviewing and refining what they have learned over the past four years and are also moved into action as they spend portions of their week in ministry. As you can see, each year a student attends Super Summer, his experience builds on the previous year(s).
What's the deal with Color Schools?
Super Summer students are divided into schools based on the number of years they’ve attended and their age (ages for the individual schools sometimes change depending on registration numbers that particular year). Our basic school breakdown is:

  • First-year Students – Red, Silver, Orange, and Gold Schools
  • Second-year Students – Blue and Brown Schools
  • Third-year Students – Yellow and Lime Schools
  • Fourth-year Students – Green School
  • Fifth-year Students – Purple School
  • Adults Attending – Plaid School

Online Registration opens March 2, 2020 @ 8AM

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