Download the Registrant Info Form to be used with registration.




Early Discounts for registrations made BEFORE April 1, 2020. Registration closes when Super Summer reaches capacity. After capacity is reached, groups can register and be placed on a waiting list.​

At registration you will need the following information:

  • Credit Card to pay deposits ($50 per person, nonrefundable/nontransferable)
  • Church Name and Billing address
  • Church Group Contact information
  • The names of all registrations (students, adults, team leaders, servant staff)
  • T-shirt sizes for everyone
  • Accurate Information on your students (please do not guess): current grade in school
    # of years attending Super Summer (including this coming summer) The current grade and the # of years of Super Summer determines school assignment

Leaders to Students Ratio

The required ratio of adults to students attending that each church must provide is
1 adult for every 10 students of the same sex. Team Leaders who are 21 or over are considered adults, but
they must be registered with your group. You will not be allowed to complete online registration without the
required number of adults. Super Summer office will NOT be able to assist in pairing up with other churches for
the purpose of adult supervision. No individuals or groups without the required adult supervision will be able to

2020 Super Summer Costs

​Students and Adults $265 ($215 Early Discounted Cost if registered before April 1)
Team Leaders $125 ( $75 Early Discounted Cost if registered and complete application packet returned by April 1)
Servant Staff $265 ( $75 Early Discounted Cost if registered and completed forms returned by April 1)

Out of State students and adults are charged an addition $50 per person out of state fee

Refunds Policy

There are no refunds for cancellations or no-shows except for Team Leaders.
Deposits also cannot be transferred to another person nor credited to the church’s final bill. A $25 fee is also charged for each cancellation.

Servant Staff

Servant Staff (formerly referred to as Executive Staff) plans and implements the individual school program during Super Summer. Servant Staff is recruited directly by the Super Summer Planning Team. If you have not been recruited by the Super Summer director or planning team, please contact Ken Hall before filling out these forms.

All Servant Staff must have a registration form and background check form on file along with the $75 fee. If your church is paying your fee with its other registrations, please make note of that on your form.
Servant Staff is expected to attend Super Summer Prep Weekend, July 11-12, 2020,
prior to camp. Starting time will be announced. Please make arrangements now to cover your duties at church, so that you can be here.

SERVANT STAFF REGISTRATION FEE: $75 (non-refundable/non-transferable)
Servant Staff REGISTRATION PACKETS ARE DUE April 1, 2020.
*All forms must be complete and in the Super Summer Office by this date or you will be charged the regular student fee of $265.

Online Registration opens March 2, 2020 @ 8AM

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